About Us

About Us

Leading Technical Recruitment Specialists

Bel & Bril is a trusted talent advisor specialising in the Accounting, Finance & Professional Services industry, working with a wide range of technical talent. We believe in getting ready for tomorrow today. Strategy is left behind without the people to make it happen.

We find brilliant-minded talent to grow. Providing best-in-class talent at speed with unparalleled open collaboration with our clients is just standard. We recruit across start-ups, boutique, mid-tier to large enterprise companies in both permanent and contract positions.

Together, we can partner to close your talent gap for faster future growth.

Our partnership will be a catalyst for new high performing team synergies taking their performance to a new level.


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Spark pathways with brilliance to evoke change to a better future for businesses and talent.


1. To help ignite new perspectives and enable discovery of opportunities with consistent superior talent advisory and solutions.

2. To respect and appreciate individuality and diversity while building together growth as part of a global community

3. To always collaborate and add value to our clients and candidates resulting in positive impact to others

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Reliable to Achieve:

We get it done with knowledge, expertise and dedication to go the extra mile. We do what we say. Clients and candidates trust us to find solutions and deliver exceptional results with pace.

Optimistic Passion

 Our optimism and energy attract others to work and connect with us and you can feel this in our positive conversations. We speak with what if all the time and imagine new possibilities for you. There’s lots of smiles and sense of humour.

Caringly Honest

 We care deeply about our team and those we collaborate with, so we are always open, transparent and our authentic selves when sharing our thoughts and advice. Our actions show integrity building supportive yet constructive relationships with candidates and clients that are lasting. We care about the quality of work we do.

Curious & Courageous:

We listen attentively to seek clarity and are curious by asking great questions about what drives everyone we speak to. A team of problem solvers that look from all different angles. We are unafraid to make mistakes because we know continuously learning will improve, develop and enhance value for all. Just as much as we push boundaries to grow and deliver consistent results.


We flex and shape depending on your needs. We like to know how things work and are driven to understand how our clients operate so that we can best support you. We change with the future and embrace new ways of doing things as the needs of businesses and candidates evolve.

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