The highly developed Information Technology sector has been booming in the last decade in Australia. We continue to see trends shape the ever evolving industry, which means employee skills need to evolve with it.

Shaping Latest Trends

Online Led Business model

Especially in 2021 and 2022, working remotely online and increased online purchase usage, will be a higher priority in Australia due to the global pandemic. This business-model which is already taking place with speed will drive the need for more online tools, systems and support that are not only efficient but also user friendly.

Hybrid Apps

The world of hybrid has changed how we see things. Whilst in the past mobile and other applications were based on single platforms, we are now turning the advancements to hybrid app functionality running on android and iOS simultaneously.

Cloud Cloud Cloud

We will find that by the end of 2022, a large majority of enterprises will shift to cloud-centric structure and apps.

Future Software Developer Skills – More than just technical

We all do know that with the ever changing landscape of IT, software developer skills needs to build and evolve with it. To keep up with the pace continuous technical skills will keep talent top of the market for career progression. This would of course seem important for employers when going through the job recruitment process. We also cannot underestimate the amount of talent out there on a global scale, with the software development sector being one of the lower unemployed areas. These days if there was was one piece of advice, it would dont just focus on your technical skills.

To set yourself apart from the rest, here are most demanded soft skills that are becoming even more critical in this online business world;

  1. Communication: It is an important skill for most in a team, but for developers it has become practically essential.
  2. Project Management: Gone are the days where developers work independently, while project managers were dedicated to interacting with them and being a link between them and everyone else. Most organisations want to reduce the lack of convergence and tensions between the two and keep an eye out for strong ability to assist in managing the project with strong collaboration skills.
  3. Mentoring and Guidance: In today’s world of work, developers are expected to be less isolated than the past. Showing the ability to take on certain leadership and mentoring roles to put the careers of other, less experienced developers on a good stride forward and moving in the right direction will win you many brownie points through the interview process.

These days selection of candidates when filling vacancies in the development team of companies goes far beyond considering the programming languages that the candidates know and master.


Australia is in high demand for IT professionals. From start-ups where you can have huge opportunities to learn and grow fast, to large enterprises where you can get access to large global career and surround with an ample amount of experience and network, making sure you spotlight your technical and soft skills when looking for your next opportunity will be critical. If you would like any further advice on your approach when commencing your search, reach out to Bel & Bril DigiTech Talent Advisors for a confidential conversation.