From hundreds of other applicants, you got a callback. And now there’s a new hurdle, acing the interview.

If that’s the case, it’s important for you as an individual to stand out and prove why you’ll make an asset to the company.

Luckily for you, here are some quick pointers on how best to prepare for an online interview for all whether it’s a digital marketing or a software developer role.

How to prepare for an online interview

Everyone knows the basics of going in for an in-person interview; wearing a nice-looking and appropriate outfit, having your credentials ready, etc. Well, the rules of an online interview aren’t completely far off. But since it’s online, there are some extra details apart from the generic ones you need to pay attention to:

  • Flex your researching skills
    If you really want to make a lasting impression on your future employers, then you should bolster them a little bit.
    And not just by complimenting their ties. Having information and examples of campaigns or IT projects you’ve worked on in the past and possible ROIs/Results can show to them that you’re knowledgeable about what they do. Don’t be afraid to also politely critique their past campaigns or work. Better yet show them how you would have done it better. Now you’ve proven to them that you’re an expert in your field.
  • Pick a great location/background
    Unlike in an in-person interview where you meet them at their offices, in an online interview, the choice of location falls in your hands.And for most people, this is a lot of pressure. No need to fret. The first thing you need to do is to find a quiet and tidy environment to hold the interview. This can be at your home, public library, etc. Ensure that you also have access to a stable WiFi/internet connection. And there are no background distractions.

  • Ensure there’s good lighting
    This is something no one has to worry about in an in-person interview.
    But in an online interview, you must have excellent lighting. Opt for soft warm natural light. Avoid harsh shadows by facing the light source e.g a window. Also, make sure there’s no backlighting to avoid creating a glare on your face.
  • Choose a suitable device
    If you’re lucky enough to have access to a variety of devices (a tablet, laptop, smartphone) then choose the most reliable one. A rule of thumb is to select the device with the best camera. For many people, This is their smartphone. But, a laptop is more convenient to use during an interview. That being said, if you can set up your phone using a tripod or other makeshift item to prop your phone up, then it will do just fine.
  • Do a trial run
    Now that you have everything from the background and choice of the device covered, it’s time for a trial run. Trial tests aren’t just good for making sure everything is in place but they can also give you that extra boost of confidence you might need. Find out what video service your interviewer might be using and have it installed and ready to use. You can also get a friend to help you with the trial run and get their feedback on how the lighting, background, and other factors played out from their end.
  • Prepare for the interview
    Get everything you’ve prepared for the interview. This includes information on the company and the position you’re interviewing for, your credentials, and your portfolio. Also, think of questions you may have for them after the interview. If possible, do your homework on the interviewer you’ll be speaking to. And don’t forget to put on a smile and your earbuds to reduce noise pollution.

Now you are ready!
Going for an interview whether in person or online can be nerve-racking for anyone. That’s why getting in touch with a Bel & Bril Digitech Talent Advisor might help. Not only can they land you your dream position, but they also make the process completely seamless. Getting in touch with one today might be the best decision you make career wise.