Ever heard of the skills gap within the industry? Probably, yes! Due to a number of reasons such as the evolution in technology and restructuring of a company, it is now more difficult to find qualified workers that suit the skill sets required in the market.

Given the unpredictability of the current pandemic situation, you need to provide a more interesting offer that will draw the attention of top talent to decide to jump into your company.

Below are our best recommendations to hire IT professionals:


he first thing to keep in mind is to ANTICIPATE. The recent data on job vacancies in the IT industry shows high volume of demand in the market. And as it continues to grow, resources will be more challenging to find especially for projects that require specific skills and experience.

 we recommend that every time that you will have new proposed business plans or programs, anticipate the need to procure new talents, as this may take more time to find the best fit for the job. This being said, you have to coordinate with your human resource partners at the earliest possible to start looking for potentially qualified applicants. If you need any help with the recruitment process, please feel free to let us know.

The next thing to do is RESEARCH.

The key to hiring the most qualified candidate will be based on your research. It will be useful to understand the current status in the market. Learn about the job demands, skills that are available in the market, and of course the salary. You have to know the latest information about the salary range in the IT industry. These things will give you the advantage to keep your offer on the competitive side of the market.

The last thing would be to Get a Recruitment Partner.

It would be best if you will be able to tie up with a reliable agency that has excellent experience in recruiting talents in the IT industry. They will help you look for the most qualified candidate that best fits the job. Recruiters have the expertise and all the tools needed to provide you with a list of suitable talents that will fit for the job. 

In case you are interested and need help recruiting some brilliant IT professionals for your company, we will be glad to assist you. You may contact us on +61 2 9313 6391 or send us an email at info@belandbril.com to know more about Bel & Bril Digitech Talent Advisors and to further discuss our beneficial terms.